Finding Out About Home Health Care

Home health care in Illinois includes nursing care as well as other care services such as occupational and physical therapy, speech-therapy, and medical social service. A home health team gives – and assists in coordinating – the care and therapy which your doctor has ordered. While you receive home health care, the home health providers teach you (and those who assist you) how to give you care in your home. Since most home health care is short-term, part time patients must learn to identify and take care of possible problems. The home health care goal is to assist you to feel better, to regain your independence of action, and to be as self-sufficient as is possible.Choosing a home health care agency can be quite stressful for you and the people you love. It is a good idea to plan ahead, to consider all of your long term health care options, and to make sound financial plans early on. By planning ahead, you and your loved ones have more control over your future, and you can insure that your need for high quality care is met. You must consider all the long term care options which are available such as home care, assisted living, community services, and nursing homes. If you are helping another person to choose a home healthcare in Illinois option, you should be sure to include the person whom you are helping in the decision-making process. You must always make decisions with that person’s particular needs and personal preferences in mind. Some agencies which can help answer your questions include the Administration on Aging, which is a Federal Agency that can provide you with a list of long term care choices in your community. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have free booklets which explain Medicare coverage, as well as lists of approved home healthcare providers in your area. Eldercare Locater is a service to assist seniors and their caregivers to find local services.You should have a checklist ready of questions to ask prospective home health agencies. These include: whether the agency is Medicare-certified; whether it offers the particular services you need (nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, etc.); whether the agency can meet any special needs you have, such as cultural or language preferences; whether the agency offers needed personal care services such as help in using the bathroom, bathing and dressing; whether the agency offers needed supporting services – or can arrange for services – such as help with cooking, shopping, laundry, or housekeeping; whether the agency has available staff to provide the hours and type of care which your doctor has ordered; whether the agency has staff available nights and weekends in case of emergency? Additional questions which should be asked are how much Medicare and insurance will cover and what additional amounts you must pay. Whether the agency checks the backgrounds of its staff members and also whether the agency will provide references from satisfied clients. You can find a home health agency in your area which has been approved by Medicare at their website, by asking your doctor, friends or family, or by looking in the Yellow Pages under care health home Illinois.

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